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New England Bull Breed Champions

 The Hall of Fame

1,Bad Boy Bully’s Gangster Scarface, Owner & Breeder Joshua Garner ‘Bad Boy Bullyz’, Champion..

2,Bad Boy Bully’s Ghostface Killar, Owner & Breeder Joshua Garner ‘Bad Boy Bullyz’, Champion..

3,Blevins Maisey @ O’Connor,Owner Damien O’Connor Breeder Becky Blevins, Junior Champion.

4,Bad Boy Bully’s Sadistic Soul, Owner & Breeder Joshua Garner ‘Bad Boy Bullyz’, Junior Champion..

5,B.O.I The Governor of Bullforce Owner Bruce Pingree Breeder Darren Maloney ‘B.O.I’, Champion..

6,BigBonedBullies Kooper, Owner Karen & Scott Gater Breeder BigBonedBullies UK Champion..

7,Spirit of Destiny, Owner Jon Newman,Breeder Giovanna Falzon UK Champion..

8,NBBZ Marshall,Owner Steve Marsh,Breeder Natural Born Bullyz  UK Champion..

9,Caldeys Lilith ,Owner Sheri Dello, Breeder Sheri Dello ‘Caldeys’ UK Champion..

10, Blue Regiment ,Owner & Breeder Mr B R Tunniciffe & Miss M N Whittaker UK Champion..