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The New England Bull Breed Registry will only accept pedigree DATA from Authenticated Genuine Legitimate Registries.

For certain Bull Breeds, If you have no existing pedigree papers then we can possibly still single register your dogs if they fit the breed as a f1 “First Generation” of their breed. How ever, there will be no record of ancestry.

This rule does not apply to any KC Registered Bull Breed, breeds such as the Bulldog/French Bulldog & Staffordshire Bull Terrier. These KC Breeds can only be excepted under our registry, If they are Kennel club registered or from a registry that the kennel club affiliates with ie AKC FCI etc.

There is no COLOUR discrimination under The New England Bull Bread Registry for The Bulldog & French Bulldog. We will register your dog under their colour and you will be able to show in our conformation bull breed shows along side standard colours.

Breeds such as American Bulldogs & Alapahas also follow under tight regulations, we will only register & except pedigree information Data from the Main Legitimate Registries for those breeds.

We will not register Breeds or Breed types that have been banned.


To register a whole litter will cost £25  (This will give you temporary puppy papers and then the new owners of the pups cans send them on to our registry as a transfer of ownership for a fee of £15)

Duplicate/lost £10

Laminate £1

4 Generation £5

To single register a dog will cost £20

For a transfer of ownership will cost £15
We will need this information from you to register your dogs:

Pedigree Name
Date of Birth
Chip Number (if have you one)
Any Health Testing  (hip scores etc)
Your Address (to send papers)



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